Rock your Picnic  

There are times when we just want to sit back and relax in the exotic garden of luxurious island villa. One of the perfect way to just feel free and enjoy the afternoon sun is a picnic. If you have a lawn then you might want to put it into good use. If your lawn needs a little trimming you can have a local landscaping company do the job for you so you don’t get stressed.   

Having a picnic in your lawn is an inexpensive way to sit back relax and enjoy the moment. Here are some tips to help you rock your picnic.   



I don’t mean your picnic experience should be dry and boring, rather it should be fun and relaxing. When I say dry I mean keep your things dry most especially your picnic blanket. An easy and cheap hack to this is to use shower curtain liners. You can put them under the blanket and keep your blanket from getting damp. The sun might be out and about but morning dew and early sprinkle of rain can make the ground wet.   

Frozen Bottles  

Instead of using bags of ice inside your cooler consider using frozen bottles of water instead to keep things cool. Pro tip is to not fill the bottle to the brim so there won’t be any explosions. You can totally drink the water afterwards when the ice becomes a liquid so it’s a win- win.   

Meal Bags  

This one is pretty easy to do. You can use brown paper bags or even ziplocks if you like. All you have to do is pack individual lunches for each bag, you can clip the handle of the cutlery when you fold it. This is also an awesome idea if you want to personalize each tree nursery san diego for your guests. If you know what they prefer then this is perfect. You don’t only have to carry heavy silverware and your guest will feel like they’ve been taken care of.   

Bug less Drinks  

You know you’re having fun and you felt thirsty but when you go to grab your drink there is an offending bug floating in it. Well there is a simple hack for that use cupcake liners. Just place it upside down on your glass and then poke your straw to it. You’ll be sure no bug is taking a lap on your drinks.   

Order of Use  

This is prep work, pack your items in order of when you’re going to use it. This is a great trick to follow because you don’t have to dig through the whole thing because it’s been already arranged by the order you plan to use it. Although you can probably just walk the few steps inside your house but it helps you enjoy the picnic without going back and forth into your house.  

Having a great picnic is awesome if you think through and make an effort with the preparation. You all can have fun, bond and catch up on your life with just a simple activity.